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About Phil

Phil was an endurance athlete who completed several full Ironman distance triathlons and even more half Ironman triathlons in his short 40 years. A skilled long-distance runner, Phil ran countless ultramarathons of up to 100-mile distances, and won the Saint Sebastian 100-mile ultramarathon just four months before his death. 

Phil enjoyed clean-living, and embraced the 'fruit til 4' approach to eating clean. He believed in a healthy lifestyle and encouraged his family, friends, and colleagues to employ healthier habits.

A graduate of Williamson College of the Trades, Phil also held a Bachelor's Degree in Business, and worked in every segment of the Power Generation Industry for almost 20 years.

He loved the outdoors and created a beautiful landscape to frame the home  purchased in the sunshine state he called home for more than four years.

Phil had dreams of excelling in countless endurance and epic adventures. He had dreams of organic gardens, independent businesses, and travels, with his wife, to exotic places.

A career criminal, recklessly driving at  almost 90 miles per hour, killed Phil in a head-on crash on the morning of March 1st, and killed his plans to pursue his dreams. However, through the PHEEL GOOD Foundation, Phil's legacy lives on. His dreams live on, and his spirit allows all of us to "pheel" good about participating in events that Phil would have enjoyed participating in and supporting.

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